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Business Keeping – More Than Just Bookkeepingbookkeeping services

Business Keeping is suited to businesses with 5-100 employees that require more than just a bookkeeper. Think of us as an outsourced CFO (Chief Financial Officer, or in-house accountant). We assist in a myriad of ways, depending on your needs. We will actively help you to understand your financial statements and can spend time reviewing and discussing these with you every month. You can use us as a sounding board – someone that you can confidentially share your business challenges with. We will work with you to plan and manage upcoming obligations, guide and advise you of your legal obligations, recommend better ways of doing things, bring to your awareness issues that you may never have considered before and advise you of risks that you may be taking. We can assist by showing and educating you of ways that you can better manage these in a proactive and cost-effective manner. We’ll also work closely with your accountant.

We can provide ongoing day-to-day bookkeeping services for your Xero accounting software so that you don’t have to deal with the tedium of processing transactions and ensuring that you meet your obligations. This will free you up to focus on growing and running your business, and doing what you do best. Having a qualified and skilled professional handle your accounts in a timely manner whilst guiding you through the maze of ever-changing compliance requirements will help you sleep better at night.

‘Rescue’ Bookkeeping

If your bookkeeping is in a state of chaos, then we can help. Perhaps you’ve been doing it yourself until now but you know that you haven’t been getting it right, or your accountant has actually told you so. Or maybe you had a low budget bookkeeper or an unqualified administrator doing the work and they made a mess. Rescue bookkeeping is a highly specialised skill set that requires many years of bookkeeping experience, and ideally even accounting experience.

We are highly experienced in major clean-ups up and have a qualified accountant on staff that supervises these services. Once we have finished, you will know that you can rely on the data in your system and the reports that we provide for you, significantly lowering your stress levels and leaving you in a position to make better decisions about your business.

Fixed Fee Bookkeeping Services

We provide fixed fee services to established clients. As the needs of each business are varied and the time taken to process their transactions depends on a number of factors such as complexity and client engagement in the bookkeeping process, we work with clients on an hourly basis for typically six months or longer before offering a fixed fee arrangement.

Software Set-up

To have your software performing at an optimal level, it needs to be set up by a professional who not only understands accounting principles, but who is also an expert in the software and understands how you intend to use it. We recommend that you use someone who is simultaneously a BAS or Tax Agent as well as a Xero Certified Advisor. We have set up numerous Xero accounting data files for organisations with up to 100 employees. We can convert existing businesses with extensive operations and foreign currencies. We can either import historical data or clean up your Chart of Accounts, customer and supplier lists and begin with opening balances only.

Training Services

Perhaps you already have Xero and some add-ons set up and you just want a professional to teach you a few tricks to get the most out of your system. We can help! We can do on-site or remote training.

Business Systems Consulting

Every financial transaction in your accounting software has a chain of events that precedes it, whether it’s a sales invoice, a purchase, or the payment of an employee. Often times business systems have been poorly designed, or not designed at all – they’ve just evolved as the business has grown, and may not suit the business today. A business may need job costing software that tracks prospects, leads, quotes, jobs and sales invoices as well as job profitability. Or it could be staff rostering and time sheets to better manage shift workers, point of sale software to track sales and ensure that cash hasn’t gone missing or a multitude of other possibilities.

Many of these types of issues that businesses face impact on their bookkeeping and the quality of financial information that is available. Good systems are essential to capturing relevant data and presenting it in a concise and meaningful way that will help the business owner gain new insights into their business.

We can help advise you on the software, systems and processes that you need to improve the operational side of your businesses. This will reduce duplication and therefore costs and also allow you to gain control over your business again. It will free you up to grow your business whilst retaining your sanity.

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