Online Payroll Services in Melbourne & Australia-Wide

online payrollFocus on your business goals and take your payroll services online

With years of experience providing specialist bookkeeping and payroll services in Melbourne and right across Australia, On The Money Bookkeeping is passionate about simplifying your business efficiency with the latest online payroll services.

Payroll is one of the most complex aspects of bookkeeping. There are so many things that business owners don’t know that they don’t know about payroll and related HR functions, a lot of which poses a high level of risk.

There are numerous regulations; specifying what documents you need to give an employee when they begin working for you, when and how you pay them, how soon you need to give them their payslip and when and how superannuation needs to be paid, and that’s just for starters! Then of course there’s employment Awards. Many employers think that these don’t apply to their business because they’re paying ‘above Award’. When we ask them what Award they’re paying above, they often look at us blankly! It is impossible to pay an employee correctly if this information isn’t known.

Whether you house 1 or 100 employees, our professional and friendly team can complement your business with the most responsive and timely service possible, using cutting-edge cloud solutions.

Thinking about taking your payroll services online? Get in touch with the payroll specialists at On The Money Bookkeeping by calling 1300 767 180 or getting in touch via our contact page. We can also provide online BAS agent services Australia-wide.

We can streamline your online payroll services so that you can sleep better at night

We can help you set up online payroll systems specific to your business to capture the required day-to-day information. Businesses need to keep accurate records of the working hours of employees. If you have the type of business that engages staff that need to be paid loadings, overtime and allowances, then we can streamline this area of your business to make payroll simple, fast and accurate. This could include rostering and timesheet software that you can use for staff to clock on and off securely using an iPad with the option of them being photographed while doing so. This software also helps to automatically interprets Awards for simple, fast and accurate payroll.

We guide employers through the maze that is Human Resources and payroll

We have access to HR and industrial relations law specialists that can clarify payroll issues. This presents enormous benefits for employers who can have peace of mind knowing that their payroll is being handled professionally. It provides big business payroll and HR advice on a small business budget.

We also encourage the use of cloud HR software which assists in the following ways:

  • Follow best practice checklists for various hiring, management and termination practices.
  • Store numerous documents, including different versions, such as employment contracts, superannuation choice forms, signed company policies,
  • Keep track of licences and certifications with expiry dates and enable reminders
  • Generate employment contracts backed by industrial relations experts.

Using and following templates and checklists in cloud HR software helps business owners feel secure that they are doing the right thing and it helps make them aware of the myriad of small details that they’ve been missing before that could land them in trouble.

Disputes with employees are incredibly expensive, even if you don’t engage a lawyer. The time, distraction, stress, payroll administration and potential back-pay or penalties that you might need to pay can be quite expensive, not to mention the negative scrutiny of Fair Work Australia, which you absolutely want to avoid.

Let us help you make payroll painless by putting in place great systems tailored to your business, at prices that are affordable to small business. Call us on 1300 767 180 today for online payroll services in Melbourne and right across Australia.