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Managing Employee Scheduling, Timesheets & Payroll using Deputy & Xero

Are you struggling to schedule your employees’ rosters, manage changing shifts and staff unavailability? Do you find it difficult to keep complete and accurate timesheets? Do you need to regularly communicate important information to your staff, potentially across multiple locations and areas? Is finding a replacement staff member for a shift a time consuming and […]

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Terminations of Employees

Employee terminations are a fact of life when you’re in business. No employee will stay forever. Sometimes they’ll leave when you want them to stay and other times they’ll stay when you want them to leave. In most cases, the employee’s termination will need to be communicated to your payroll administrator before it occurs. In […]

Hiring Employees

Hiring Employees

This article is the first of a four-part series on hiring, managing and terminating employees. There is a lot to know about hiring employees, which includes areas such as human resources, industrial relations law and payroll. All of these areas are interconnected. Before you start hiring employees Before you even begin hiring employees, you’re going […]