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Business is a marathon

Business is a marathon and most of society thinks it’s a sprint

’Business is a marathon and most of society thinks it’s a sprint.’ Gary Vaynerchuck. We live in a world that is advancing and changing faster than at any other time in history. Technology is constantly evolving causing completely different industries to emerge. This is a world where people want everything on demand and expectations continue […]

Do I need a bookkeeper

Do I Need a Bookkeeper?

Most businesses starting out can’t afford the services of a professional and competent bookkeeper. Maybe you’re in the same boat, muddling through as best as you can. This is understandable because in their infancy most businesses need to be ruthless about minimising expenses to have a better chance of surviving those challenging early days. Bookkeeping […]

Reconciling Deposits

Customer deposits arrive in company bank accounts via many different payment methods. In this article I will explain different types of deposits, grouped by the recommended approach for processing or reconciling their receipts (or ‘payments’, as you might be used to calling them). Electronic Funds Transfer In Australia, EFT is the most common customer payment […]

Deputy Scheduling Timesheets Performance Payroll Rostering Clock On Clock Off

Managing Employee Scheduling, Timesheets & Payroll using Deputy & Xero

Are you struggling to schedule your employees’ rosters, manage changing shifts and staff unavailability? Do you find it difficult to keep complete and accurate timesheets? Do you need to regularly communicate important information to your staff, potentially across multiple locations and areas? Is finding a replacement staff member for a shift a time consuming and […]

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